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JLR North America is excited to invite your team to the Defender TRĕK Competition of October 2023

Trek Final Car.jpg

Defender TRĕK exposes retail staff to the world of Land Rover. TRĕK allows you to experience the guts of Camel Trophy, the adventure of a genuine expedition, the freedom of exploring the unknown, the individualism of pushing oneself to the limit, the supremacy of competition and the authenticity of the Best 4 x 4 x Far.

Through challenges such as off-road driving, course navigation, teamwork line exercises, and more, you will compete head-to-head with other retailers for a chance at the TRĕK Championships. 

The event this year will be located just outside of Austin, Texas.

We look forward to hosting your Retailer’s team at the Defender TRĕK Competition.

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